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Will you work with my suppiied fabric? Yes. Please make sure it is good quality without flaws. Lovely designer fabrics start on the lower end at about $50 and go up... I cannot compete with big box or fabric outlets. Customers Own Fabric may include a surcharge. 

I found a fabric I love, can you get it for me? I have accounts with many companies and can open even more accounts if it makes for a smoother job experience.

Do you have samples? The in-house library has many beautiful fabric, shades, blinds,hardware and trim samples. I also have accounts with many companies that I don't house the samples; I can order memos for your project if I don't have something on hand that works.

Will you work with my designer? Yes,if you designer is in agreement.

Will you remodel or alter my existing draperies? Yes...please have them dry cleaned.

How are services priced? In home consultation is $75-$125 depending upon your location. Allocate at least 2 hours. There  we discuss desired project and do measuring. At that time we may also make not only design choices but fabric and hardware selections. That isn't always possible.  

Projects are priced according to all the various elements involved so it is almost impossible to give a quote until many decisions are made. This can take hours to days to figure out. Once a proposal has been approved, a deposit will be required to start the work.

What about wallpaper? Many of my suppliers have wallpaper and I can get memos 

Do you do reupholstery? Only smaller projects: some benches, dining room chair bottoms, cushions and pillows ....for larger projects, you need to do your research to find an upholsterer that you think will please you. I don't presently recommend anyone...I will help you select and order fabric for your project.

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